• RichMan Brand

    RichMan Brand

    Programming + UI Design

    RichMan Brand is a quality food product that enriches Mothers by supporting healthy living in the family.

  • Nexa Hotel

    Nexa Hotel

    Programming + UI Design

    NEXA Hotel is a contemporary business hotel that is offering a balanced combination of smart technology features, creative hospitality services and Indonesian hospitality culture towards modern business professionals.

  • Fiesta White Tea

    Fiesta White Tea

    Programming + UI Design

    Fiesta White Tea, the first pioneer of the White Tea ready-to-drink beverage in Indonesia from the combination of the very youngest antioxidant tea leaves and Aseptic Cold-Filling technology that keeps the purity of refreshing aroma and refreshing taste without preservatives.

  • Ecoria


    UI Design

    User experience development project for, promotor of environmental friendly products that encourage consumer to switch towards green lifestyle on a reasionable budget by buying ECO products at a subsidized price.

  • PMBS Alumni Network

    PMBS Alumni Network

    Programming + UI Design

    A closed social network system that provides informations & updates which are exclusive for PMBS Post Graduates Program (S2) Alumnae only. 

  • Dai-ichi Kimia Raya

    Dai-ichi Kimia Raya

    Programming + UI Design

    Dai-ichi Kimia Raya express the philosophy of 'Customer Satisfaction First'. A highly experienced Japanese company which constantly aim to create high quality chemical products with responsible attitude towards environment.

  • Gudpoin


    Programming + Strategy

    An integrated customer feedback solution which will help you understand what your customer really think and desire. GudPoin is an interactive way to give feedback and get rewarded!

  • Ammeerra Hotels

    Ammeerra Hotels

    Programming + Strategy

    A global hotel management chain which are committed to bring your best days here. Ammeerra Hotels serve an international standards of hospitality service and culture for those who seek the best staying experience.

  • Bodypack


    Programming + UI Design

    An official product website with e-commerce section for the Bodypack bag & apparel brand.

  • PMBS Company Profile

    PMBS Company Profile

    Programming + UI Design

    Prasetiya Mulya Business School is the first business school in Indonesia that offers MBA program to develop business leaders that make meaningful contributions for the well-being of societies.

  • Jomblo


    UI Design is a profile matching social media which generate interaction based on users interest and community. It was a fast growing startup in Indonesia with 80.000 regitered users before its closing date in early 2015.

  • Metalogic


    Programming + UI Design

    Metalogic is an universal iOS puzzle based game which intended for gamers who love challenge in solving the most unique and interactive puzzle yet. Proudly made by Seed Interactive.

  • Alliance Continental

    Alliance Continental

    Strategy + UI Design

    Alliance Continental is an investment company based in Mauritius which focuses in coal mining investment products and services that empower investors to make their mark.

  • SSE Defence Group

    SSE Defence Group

    Photography & Videography

    SSE Defense Group is an Indonesian military vehicle manufacture that specialized in armored tanks and unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. It was featured on Indo Defense Expo in 2012.

  • Morelo Kelong

    Morelo Kelong

    Programming + Strategy

    Morelo Kelong is a well known beach side establishment in Batam, which offers a unique rejuvenating holiday of traditional achitecture and marine activities.

  • Gemilang Chemical

    Gemilang Chemical

    Strategy + UI Design

    Established in 2010, PT. Gemilang Chemical is a supplier of industrial and speciality chemicals that professionally dedicated to provide excellent product quality to refractory and ceramic industries.

  • Sing Medic

    Sing Medic

    Strategy + UI Design

    Sing Medic is an official representative of the majority of hospitals in Singapore, both public and private. It gives recommendation regarding information and the most appropriate treatment for any medical care.

  • Lemper Purnama

    Lemper Purnama

    Strategy + UI Design

    Product website for Lemper Purnama. Created in Purwokerto, Central Java in 1970, it serves Lemper, an authentic & delicious Indonesian snack that could be enjoyed by everybody, anytime!

  • PMBS Wisuda

    PMBS Wisuda

    Programming + UI Design

    An Annual Graduation Sistem for Prasetiya Mulya Business School which served over 400 students and 1000 peoples that encompass online registration and offline ticketing system.

  • PMBS Career Day

    PMBS Career Day

    Programming + UI Design

    An Annual Online Queuing System for Prasetiya Mulya Business School which held over 50 companies and 400 students that encompass a matchmaking interview system for both companies and students.

  • Sendang Abadi

    Sendang Abadi

    Programming + UI Design

    Corporate website for PT Sendang Abadi. A general contractor since 1990, the company have vast experience in construction projects, mainly for factories, cold storages and office buildings, while also working on selected homes & interior projects. 

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